Cure Stress - unique technique for relief of anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia and more

Cure Stress - unique technique for relief of anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia and more

By Foundation of Human Understanding


Discover the technique that has helped millions overcome drugs, alcoholism, and other various addictions, heal childhood and sexual traumas, solve relationship and marital difficulties, and answer personal problems of every kind. According to Dr. Paul Bahder, “it represents to psychology what jet travel represents to the horse and buggy.” + Improve how you react to others + Quickly learn the unique technique + Recommended by healthcare professionals + No support group required "Day 3 and I've gone from total depression to having a date on Saturday night!" — App Store review "Amazingly, it keeps showing and reaping benefits. I've never been more patient and alive." - L. Brown "Cure Stress meditation will be a new path to understanding, resiliency and growth that will free you from miserable relationships, psychologists and physicians." — App Store Review RELIEF FROM PRESSURE Cure Stress can calm you, improve your emotional regulation and enhance your critical thinking skills, by decreasing the clutter in your mind. PRACTICE WITHOUT STRUGGLE The included exercise provides a quick way to learn the technique (7 min.) The Beginner exercise, available as an in-app purchase, offers comprehensive instruction and over 60 minutes of audio. VIRAL WITHIN THE MILITARY The Beginner and Advanced exercises are the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). "I must say, on the basis of 20 years’ experience, that the application of this technique has made a significant contribution to the treatment of the great majority of those people who have learned it. ... It’s the only approach that I have ever seen in the whole field of psychology which allows you to become independent, competent and effective." - Dr. George M. Hayter M.D. "The Be Still & Know exercise works for me. It calms my soul, enhances my thinking, and improves my emotional regulation. I am thankful to be a more resilient chaplain.” - U.S. Army Lt. Col. Phillip L. Pringle, Chaplain, Southern Baptist "After almost a month, my life began to change. I started to talk to my husband in a different manner - patiently and without anger. And, miraculously, our conversations became human and intelligent. Our relationship is healing. A month ago I gave your exercises to my son. Now he is saying that it is helping him tremendously in dealing with people and life's problems." - Laura T. There is a way to be happy in spite of all the negative daily pressures. This is accomplished simply by learning how not to emotionally overreact to them. Get Cure Stress for free and try the seven-minute exercise!