Finger Drift 2 Mini Car Chase

Finger Drift 2 Mini Car Chase


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-02-21
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 85.81 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.


Get, set and go! Drift car at ungodly speeds and care for nothing but creating collisions or diversions! An endless police chase is following your vehicle and your goal is to escape car chase as best as you can by drifting your vehicle through endless escape level. With this immersive and extremely interactive chase simulator, you can not only experience an interactive gaming session but also polish your car escape skills and motor responses. Try Finger Drift 2 – Mini Car Cop Chase Drift Race now! Perform Extreme Stunts while Drifting Have you got the guts to face the cops in an extreme police chase? Prepare yourself to enter aversion and survival mode with this extremely thrilling and equally fun escape car chase adventure. Turn on your daredevil mode and keep drifting along the course to escape the cop vehicles. You will only get a single chance to escape the cops – it is up to you whether you choose to keep drifting your vehicle or you attempt to collide the cop vehicles to create a distraction. Create Distractions through Cop collisions If you can’t beat them, befool them! This rule also applies in this chase simulator game. When you observe too many cop cars approaching your vehicle from all directions, you can switch to your mean mode and choose a drifting strategy that creates cop car collision. The controls of this game are pretty simple – tap on either side of the screen to make your vehicle drift towards that particular direction. The more collisions you create, the more money you will collect and the more vehicles you can unlock! Challenging Police Chase Levels for more fun As an extreme endless avoiding game, this chase game also comprises upon new challenges and missions. You can enter the survival mode, the coin collecting mode, the course completion mode and the obstacle aversion mode. Playmissions such as collecting, surviving por x time and completing courses without touching the cones. Complete all the challenges to collect more rewards and points! Switch between six cool vehicles Are you ready to experience drift car action on a whole new level? From escaping the police chase by performing extreme stunts to entering new challenging levels of chase simulator, this game offers you a chance to collect coins at every level. Use the money to unlock 6 cool vehicles and drive them to escape the police chase! Features of Finger Drift 2 – Mini Car Cop Chase Drift Race Simple and easy to play casual, arcade and runner game UI/UX Smooth tapping controls – drift the car on either side of the screen Endless avoiding game levels featuring new missions and challenges Escape car chase or make the cop cars collide to collect more coins Use the coins to unlock 6 cool drifting vehicles for more fun! Mission based levels to make the chase simulation action more exciting and fun for you Are you ready to drift car and escape the police chase? Download and play Finger Drift 2 – Mini Car Cop Chase Drift Race today!