By CheckingIn Software Ltd


CheckingIn is a FREE and private tool to help you increase self awareness, practice daily mindfulness and build deeper connections by tuning into your energy and emotions. Utilizing the simple two step check in process, you will be able to quantify your energy level with a number and describe how you are feeling with a single word, to complete your check in. If you feel like going deeper you can add notes to your check in. Each check in will be saved to your history and your insights are presented as simple reports, so you can identify patterns and learn more about yourself. Filter your history to see your mood and energy over a period of time presented through charts, graphs and other visuals. Elevate your mindfulness with daily reflections. You’ll receive a daily reflection to help you consider how you want to approach the day and steps you can take to elevate your wellbeing. CheckingIn will provide: - An easy, fast, and simple way to tune into your energy and emotions. - Tips and tools to help you manage and elevate your wellbeing. - A safe and secure space to help you start deeper conversations. Features: - Simple two step check ins. - Smart insights to help you identify patterns and trends. - Daily reflections to help you elevate your wellbeing. For more information, see our: - Privacy policy - - Terms and conditions - If you run into any troubles or have any feedback or suggestions, please reach us at