Specialized - Mission Control

Specialized - Mission Control

By Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.


Customize, control, and diagnose your Specialized Turbo with Mission Control. Use Mission Control to: TUNE THE RIDE Customize your motor characteristics with Support, Peak Power, and more tunable features. DIAGNOSE Get immediate feedback and overviews of motor, battery, and system health. RECORD RIDES Have a detailed overview of your fitness and ride history at your fingertips. SMART CONTROL Adjust the motor and battery output based on how far or how long you want to ride. CONNECTIVITY Integrate and automatically upload your rides to STRAVA’s dedicated e-bike segment. FIRMWARE UPDATES Be notified about firmware updates and install them on your bike (may vary according to model). *Mission Control is compatible with all Turbo Levo, Turbo Kenevo, all future Turbo models, and Model Year 2016/17 Turbo S and Turbo X models. Known issues: - MC-893 In some circumstances, app might crash while sharing ride from ride summary as fit file. - MC-907 Bike might not reconnect in app when app was sent to background and bluetooth was disabled. - MC-893 Trying to share a fit file immediately after ride finish might lead to a crash. - MC-901 Mission Control App crashes when trying to do manual STRAVA upload immediately after ride. - MC-828 App might crash if no rides on device and when entering my rides screen. - MC-854 App might crash when user logs out while app is downloading rides. - MC-854 Pressing too many times on the same button might lead to crash of app. - MC-891 Battery serial number might not show in app being connected to some bike models. - MC-905 Access to user profile while being offline reports "No network connection" error. - MC-793 Ride uploaded to STRAVA are not marked in list. - MC-903 If location services are switched off, summary map may show hint text. - MC-904 When location data was not accurate during whole ride, map may show invalid coordinates. - MC-798 Splash screen may freeze when user stops the internet connection. - User may have to restart the app in some cases in order to export rides. - Google logon to STRAVA account is currently not supported due to google restrictions.