UFO Simulator

UFO Simulator


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-08-10
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 206.57 MB
  • Developer: TRIMAX INC. LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.


This awesome game lets you fly a UFO where ever you want! Fly through a amazing City with parks, beaches, mountains, skyscrapers and everything in between. Perform flips and tricks as many times as you want. With real UFO physics you can have tons of fun with endless hours of game play with a free-flight mode and a campaign!!! Play at any time of the day from morning to night! Gain the unusual experience of being a UFO’s alien driver! Fly over the fields, plains and cities filled with human beings and animals and have fun stealing them and destroying everything alive! Have fun playing UFO Simulator in 3D and enjoy your dominance! Enjoy the sequel of the outstanding UFO Simulator in 3D! Check new mystical locations and mighty flying saucers and enjoy the second part of our game! Become an alien pilot of so-called flying saucer! Explore the Earth and its dwellers! Steal people to perform your mad experiments and scare them really much! Wreak panic, havoc and destruction to this planet! Your mission is to terrorize farmers and grazing cows performing different stunts and using your extraterrestrial super laser! Attack backyards and skyscrapers, but be really attentive and careful: people have such mighty weapons and technique as tanks or guns, and they will hurt you too much! Even a small helicopter can damage your UFO, if you come too close! Earn points for every successfully done challenge and unlock new powerful space ships! Unlock new attacks and become the real terror for this planet! Have you ever dreamed of being caught by the aliens? Or maybe you just wanted to BE that aliens? Then this wonderful game is made exactly for you! Steal cartoon humans and cows, destroy cars and houses and have fun with Cartoon Alien UFO Simulator in 3D! Earn points for successfully done missions and upgrade your flying saucer with new mighty weapon! Unlock new types of super attacks and buy new interesting UFO! Level up your skills in stealing, hunting and destroying and become one of the best cartoon aliens ever with Cartoonish Alien UFO Simulator in 3D! Fly over the fields full of cows and city streets, full of cars, skyscrapers and hurrying humans as a UFO! Steal humans and cows alike and have fun with UFO Simulator Become a pilot of the extreme spaceship – UFO, also called flying saucer! You’ve come here to explore the Earth and its dwellers – at to steal them for crazy experiments too! The time to researches has come! Wreak panic, havoc, and destruction with UFO Simulator! Explore the sky, terrorize farms and farmers, cities and citizens, steal humans from streets and let their skyscrapers burn! Become the real menace for peaceful citizens! Attack barnyards and skyscrapers, hunt for cattle and people, but be careful – human race has mighty weapons, that can be dangerous even for you! Fight helicopters and avoid missiles from tanks, kill or be killed! Gain amazing flight & fight experience with UFO Simulator! Complete different flight and battling missions, perform flips and tricks, steal living creatures or crush and destroy everything! Find and destroy military base to stop swarming helicopters from rescanning! Earn points to upgrade your UFO’s fighting and surviving skill or buy/unlock new types of attack. Burn humans with plasma or laser cannons, or blast their cars and homes with triple fire bombs! Turn citizens into a panic by killings, destruction and other funny things! Experience yourself as a pilot of alien spacecraft with UFO Simulator! UFO Simulator features. Unusual flight simulator – feel as a real UFO pilot! Fight against human’s army forces – helicopters, interceptors, tanks and howitzers Earn points to upgrade your flying saucer’s skills and buy new attacks and other power-ups Feel as a pilot of alien spacecraft Amazing sequel of UFO Simulator Explore new locations and unlock new UFOs Enjoy fantastic 3D graphics unusual cartoon alien flight simulator Perform different tricks and weapons to gain the best results