By Computers and Structures, Inc.


CSiStress is an app that conveniently shows the stress plots and profiles in order to understand cross-sectional behavior caused by axial loads, bending moments, shear forces and torsional moments of more than 25 shapes. This app is tailor made for engineers and consultants who need to quickly check the stress properties for specific loading conditions, as well as for students and teachers who want to study the cross-sectional behavior caused by various loads. Application/Usage: • Compute elastic stresses caused by axial load, bending moment and shear forces in cross-sections • View stress plots and stress profiles to understand cross-section behavior Target Users: • Engineers and consultants who need to quickly check stress properties for specific loading conditions • Students and teachers to understand cross-section behavior caused by various loads Key Features: • Visualization of stress plots for many cross-sections • Calculation of stresses for biaxial bending and shear Key Input: • Section type, dimensions • Axial loads, bending moments • Shear loads Key Ouput: • Flexural stress due to P, M2, M3 • Shear stress due to V2, V3